YODA PLC is a public limited liability company listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

The Company manages a diverse investment portfolio across different geographic locations, industries, strategies and lifecycles, including but not limited to, real estate, technology, shipping, and healthcare. YODA’s investment objective is to provide shareholders with capital appreciation and distributions, as approved by the Board of Directors in its judgment and discretion.

Key competitive advantages

Proven track record

Led by a team of professionals with a record of success in real estate investment and development, and particular expertise in increasing the value of underperforming or undervalued assets, the Group is strategically positioned to capitalize on market dislocations and arbitrage opportunities, with the aim to generate returns for shareholders.


The Company invests in a diverse portfolio, which includes:

Single assets, portfolios, companies, joint ventures, equity and debt instruments.

Different industries and sectors, including real estate, technology, shipping, and healthcare.

Various countries and geographic locations.

Active Ownership

The management team aims to actively contribute to the advancement of the portfolio companies in which they invest. Recognizing that value can be generated through the capacity to shape a company’s strategy, execution, exit timing, and process, YODA PLC offers valuable input in areas such as deal and industry experience, project management and planning capabilities, and insights into corporate finance.

Company Timeline