Investment Portfolio

YODA PLC has entered the shipping industry by participating in the capital structure of established company groups that are actively involved in the acquisition and operation of vessels.

LNG Carriers

The Company has invested in Capital Product Partners L.P. (Nasdaq: CPLP). CPLP is an international shipping company engaged in the seaborne transportation of natural gas, containerized goods, and dry cargo. CPLP announced the acquisition of newbuild liquefied natural gas carrier vessels. The closing of this very important first step in the transformation of the Partnership into one of the largest US listed owners of two stroke, latest generation LNG carriers compared to the current fleet of its US listed peers.

Bulk Carriers

Moreover, the Company has invested in operational vessels, with a significant focus on bulk carriers, which play a vital role in transporting raw materials essential for various purposes, including housing, heating, feeding populations, and manufacturing products. Notably, bulk carriers offer an environmentally friendly means of transporting large volumes of dry cargo over extensive distances.


Furthermore, the Company has ventured into the aviation industry through the acquisition of a company owning a sizable business jet. This acquisition aims to enhance flexibility, productivity, and time-efficiency, enabling private travels to countries of investment and potential business interests. Beyond supporting business operations, this asset also generates income.